5-Star Luxury Experience at Hyatt Peninsula Papagayo: A Tropical Paradise

Welcome to Unsurpassed Luxury

Nestled along Costa Rica’s captivating coastline, the Hyatt Peninsula Papagayo Resort serves as a sanctuary of opulence for the refined traveler. The property is a pure reflection of paradise, providing guests with a secluded escape and stunning views over the shimmering Culebra Bay.

A Haven of Serenity

Upon arrival, visitors are immersed in an ambiance where comfort fuses seamlessly with sophistication. Every guestroom and suite at the resort is an oasis of tranquility, featuring chic décor inspired by the majestic natural surroundings. Guests can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and private balconies perfect for witnessing the magical sunsets.

Gourmet Adventures Await

The resort’s dining landscape offers an epicurean odyssey, showcasing an array of global and regional dishes that celebrate Costa Rica’s rich flavors. Expert chefs ensure each dish is a culinary masterpiece, delighting diners with a symphony of tastes.

Onda Spa: A Sanctuary for the Senses

Hyatt Peninsula Papagayo’s Onda Spa extends a variety of treatments aimed at renewing guests’ wellbeing. Spa-goers can indulge in massages and facial treatments, finding a sense of balance in this tranquil haven.

Embrace the Spirit of Adventure

Adventure-seekers will find an array of exhilarating activities at their disposal. From scuba diving to rainforest excursions, the resort is the gateway to experiencing Costa Rica’s breathtaking natural beauty.

Luxury Experience at Hyatt Peninsula Papagayo

Events to Remember

Expertly crafted events come to life here, with spaces ideal for weddings, corporate retreats, and celebrations. The dedicated team ensures that each occasion surpasses all expectations, crafting unforgettable experiences.

Eco-Conscious Elegance

The Hyatt Peninsula Papagayo embraces a commitment to ecological stewardship, implementing sustainable practices to preserve the local environment for future visitors to cherish.

Curated Packages for Every Traveler

The resort’s curated packages offer personalized experiences, whether for romance, family fun, or solo exploration, complete with exclusive amenities to enhance your stay.

Seamless Connectivity

Strategically situated near Liberia International Airport, the Hyatt Peninsula Papagayo remains connected to the world while providing a secluded haven for guests.

Distinguished Service for Every Guest

With a focus on exceptional service, the resort’s staff delivers personalized attention that ensures each moment of your stay is remarkable and memorable.

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An Unparalleled Journey Awaits

Opting for the Hyatt Peninsula Papagayo means more than just a vacation; it’s an immersive experience that captures the heart and invites you back time and again. Combine the finest aspects of luxury and nature for an extraordinary chapter in your life.

Your Next Luxurious Getaway

The Hyatt Peninsula Papagayo Resort calls out to those who seek to define luxury on their terms. With its unrivaled accommodations, exquisite dining, wellness offerings, and spirited activities, the resort provides a slice of paradise where life’s finest joys come to fruition. This is not merely a place to stay—it’s a celebration of life at its most luxurious.

Reserve Your Unforgettable Experience

Embark on the wonders that await you at this grand resort. Secure your reservation at the Hyatt Peninsula Papagayo and step into a realm where luxury is reimagined, promising an extraordinary experience that’s exclusively yours.

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