Unveiling The Charm of Edelweiss Manotel: The Epitome of Luxury, Comfort and Superior Hospitality


Draped in the splendour of timeless elegance, Edelweiss Manotel redefines hospitality. Nestled in the heart of Geneva, this luxuriant haven takes pride in offering an unparalleled blend of opulence, warmth and exemplary service.

Discovering Geneva’s Hidden Gem

Offering pristine views of the Calvin City, Edelweiss Manotel emerges as Geneva’s best-kept secret. With its traditional Swiss allure, it aptly mirrors the city’s cultural aura. A stay here promises a fantastical retreat into the heart of Geneva’s vibrant life.

Plush and Comfortable Accommodations at Edelweiss Manotel

There is an overriding sense of comfort and serenity attached to Edelweiss Manotel‘s rooms and suites. The accommodations here are a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication. The crisp linen, cosy ambiance, and faultless service make it the ideal place for relaxation.

A Top-Notch Culinary Experience

When it comes to gastronomy, Edelweiss Manotel stands unrivaled. Offering the taste of Switzerland on a plate, the culinary spread brings the country’s rich gastronomic heritage to your table. Our Edelweiss restaurant is a food lover’s paradise offering a truly authentic Swiss dining experience.

Prime Location – An Added Advantage

Edelweiss Manotel’s strategic location only amplifies its charm. With the proximity to prominent landmarks like Jet d’Eau and Lake Geneva, our hotel serves as the perfect starting point to explore the fascinating city of Geneva.

Impressive Event Space: Celebrations Meet Class

Edelweiss Manotel’s event space stands as a testimony to its elegance. With state-of-the-art facilities and flawless service, it marks the ideal destination to host an array of events.

Recreational Facilities: Retreat Into the Lap of Luxury

Our recreational facilities add to the charisma of Edelweiss Manotel. The wellness and fitness amenities here are designed with meticulous attention to detail guaranteeing the most gratifying experience.


To say Edelweiss Manotel is a luxury hotel would be an understatement. It is more than an accommodation; it is a way of life. The experience is sublime, soaked in opulence, courtesy, and warm hospitality. At Edelweiss Manotel, we understand that it’s the little touches that make an experience truly momentous, and constantly thrive to provide you with an experience to cherish.

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