7 Must-Visit Stops on Wynn Encore’s Culinary Journey

Embark on a Wynn Encore’s culinary journey, a voyage that takes you through a luxury haven, brimming with gastronomic delights. Here, dining isn’t just about meals; it’s about carefully curated experiences that blend ambiance, service, and exquisite flavors into unforgettable moments.

A Tour of Wynn Encore’s Noteworthy Dining Spots

Experience the Italian magic at Sinatra, where every plate celebrates the essence of Italy. Signature dishes like the Ossobuco “My Way” and the famous Spaghetti alla Puttanesca deliver the richness of Italian flavors.

SW Steakhouse takes you beyond the conventional American steakhouse experience. Enjoy prime aged steaks and chops, including the decadent Japanese A5 Wagyu and the 40-ounce Porterhouse, one of the three restaurants in the U.S., Chinese and Japanese certified Kobe beef.

Immerse in freshness at Lakeside, a seafood haven offering dishes like Chilean Sea Bass with truffled corn and Maine Lobster risotto, transporting you to the ocean’s heart.

Mizumi presents a colorful palette of Japanese cuisine. Savor sushi and sashimi prepared to perfection or indulge in specialties like the Mizumi Roll and Teppanyaki Grilled Wagyu Beef for an authentic Japanese culinary adventure.

Wynn Encore's culinary journey

Discover why Wing Lei is the first Chinese restaurant in the US to earn a Michelin Star. It blends Cantonese, Shanghai, and Szechuan flavors to create dishes like the Imperial Peking Duck and Wok-Fried Maine Lobster.

Cozy up at La Cave, a wine and food hideaway offering small plates designed to complement each sip. Recommendations include Bacon Wrapped Dates and Short Rib Ravioli.

Experience seafood mastery at Costa di Mare. Its romantic setting with a private lagoon pairs perfectly with fresh Italian seafood and pasta, straight from Italy’s coastlines. The Risotto con Gamberi Ross and Grilled Branzino encapsulate Mediterranean essence.

Jardin reimagines comfort food with style. Begin your day with Lobster Benedict or relax with the Jardin Burger. The Flower Pot Cake is an irresistible sweet finish.

Tableau offers bright and elegant all-day dining. The New American cuisine shines through in dishes like Truffle Poached Eggs and Seared Scallops.

Sip on expertly mixed cocktails at Eastside Lounge. It’s the perfect spot for a Casino Royale Martini or Sangria Flight, complemented by Truffle Fries or Tuna Tartare Tacos.

For a laid-back dining experience, the Encore Lobby Bar and Cafe serves dishes like Panini Caprese and Fresh Handmade Sushi. Don’t miss their exquisite French Pastries.

Unraveling Wynn Encore’s Culinary Philosophy

Wynn Encore’s commitment to quality ingredients and fusion of flavors is reflected in every dish. Executive chefs innovate while satisfying the soul, making each visit memorable.

The ambiance at Wynn Encore’s restaurants, much like its cuisine, is crafted with precision. From Mizumi’s vibrant décor to Wing Lei’s lavish surroundings, each space enhances the dining experience.

The staff at Wynn Encore anticipates your needs, delivering attentive yet discreet service. Their menu knowledge and hospitality passion amplify the dining journey.

Wynn Encore restaurants are the pinnacle of culinary sophistication, offering an unmatched gastronomic adventure. This journey of flavors, atmosphere, and top-notch service positions Wynn Encore as the apex of dining on the Las Vegas Strip.

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